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Friday, February 3, 2017

Five Days A Juicer

So, I have been on intravenous steroids for five days now.  The good news is, they seem to be working.  By Sunday, my mobility was so poor that I thought I would fall down at the movies.  But today, just a few short days later, I have full mobility and can feel everything pretty much 100%

Feeling everything 100% counts for my "emotional feelings" too.  I gotta say, I am having some true fear around this.  My MRI was this morning and it went well.  At least I did not have to get a new IV lead because they were able to use the same IV from the steroids.  But the thing is if this is an MS exacerbation, and it seems like that it what it is, then there is a good chance I am going to have to go back on the injections.  The type of shots I was on before was interferon and they made me sick, sick, sick!  In fact, I spent so much time feeling sick that I was hardly active.  It was not until after I got off of the shots that I started running.

I don't want to give up running, which is another fear.  Dr. Lippencott used to caution me against physical stresses of training for long distances.  Of course, that was in the beginning when I wasn't sure what I could do.  Then I found out that I could run marathons and he changed his tune.  Still, how can I tell if the running and training and hot conditions and exertion have contributed to this exacerbation?

Anyway, here are my five days juicing on methylprednisolone.  If nothing else, the pictures are amusing.  I was taking them each day and sending them to our Hood To Coast Team Captain, Neal Benson.  Hopefully, I will still be able to run in August for the HTC.  We'll see.  For the good of the team, I'll gladly sit it out, but it would break my heart.




(after a new IV, and several missed veins)

(my favorite because it's the last day and I can feel everything again)

One thing I can say from all of these pictures, I look like I have a great attitude!


  1. Goodness, glad to hear you are feeling better. You may want to read Dr. Pearlmutter's book Brain Maker. It has some things in it that may be helpful if you haven't already addressed them already.

    Here's back to running.

    I also like low dose naltrexone, Moducare, high dose vitamin D, and marijuana for MS. But you are in good hands.


  2. Thinking about you dear Rhonda, and praying for your peace and answers going forward. Hugs, Jane

  3. So glad things are looking up, you are an inspiration to all.

  4. So sorry this is happening to you. Is there something we can do for you or your family? Meal train? Shopping? (This is from Ben Farrell)

  5. I am happy to find your blog! You look radiant through it all. You are an inspiration