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Thursday, December 11, 2014

More Silver Falls

After looking through my pictures of Silver Falls, I thought I should post some more.  We were tourists on this run, not out there for the run but more for the experience.  I might run it again next year and see how I can do, time-wise.

First off, we stayed at the beautiful Oregon Gardens.  If you have not been there, add it to your list.  It was a nice treat to start out a great weekend.  The Oregon Gardens are about a 20 minute drive to Silver Falls State Park.  They have lovely gardens in different themes, a nice restaurant with delicious desserts, and a quaint pub showing Ducks football games, or whatever else people watch on TV ;)

The morning of the run, we headed over early.  They had hot coffee and a raging fireplace, loads of snacks and lots of fun people to talk with about their goals for the run. 

 I was happy to be running with Stephanie Gray.  Here we are posing with Jeanette Walker, also of Joe's Team.  It was a wet morning, as you can see, but we were all able to keep it real in our shorts.
The night before, my niece Samantha gave me this killer headband in MS team orange!  I Run For Those Who Can't.  I was concerned that I did not have a way to keep my ears warm and viola!  Sam said "Oh, that reminds me.  I have something for you."  And she pulled out this great headband.  She picked it up at one of the Run/Walk events that she does for Suicide Prevention.

 Me and Steph under a fall.  And a bunch of other pictures that I am too lazy right now to write about.  I will say that at the end, there was one full mile of slick track.  It was half uphill and half downhill and it was a lot like running in hair gel spread out over muddy grass.  Fun stuff and must have added about 25 minutes to our time.  The nickname for this monster mile is Nutcracker Hill.  I don't get the reference as I saw no ballerinas, nor were there wooden dolls carved in a holiday theme.  The last few pictures do not do it justice.

From inside Silver Falls.  I should note that we saw a young lady just past this point who had become hypothermic.  I ran ahead to the first aid station and let them know.

Oh yea, here's Nutcracker Hill:

This is my excitement at the finish!  I have never been so happy to get under 3-something.  To tell the truth, I did not even record my time.  Maybe I'll go look it up but that was not the point of this run.  This was just for fun...and it WAS SUPER FUN!

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