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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Interim Running

We have not yet started our team training, though I have started my Half Marathon training for sure.  Still, there are a small group of us meeting on Sundays for the long run.  Today, we did 8 miles (close enough) out at Dorris Ranch.  It was a blast.  I ran mostly with Stephanie Gray and Shelli Lisenby Clemo.  The thing I like about running with women is the range in our conversation while we ran(t).  We talked about movies, funny parenting moments, our dogs.  You know.  This is important stuff.  I got to off load a but of my physical stuff, concerns with my so-called "allergies" and how I am frustrated and a little scared.  

Speaking of, I will see the ear nose and throat (ENT) specialist in a few weeks.  This was the earliest available opportunity.  It's fine though; I am in no rush to have the polyps discovered (as my PA now suspects) or to learn that I truly am allergic to my dog.  The thing is, I have had lots of ailments over the course of my running career.  Twists and sprains.  Fevers.  Flues.  Bruises.  Fatigues.  Nothing has been quite like this, though.  I have been spraying my nose and taking my pills and battling the ear pain, nose pain, eye pain.  So, sure, if the ENT doctor can offer me some relief, it will be welcomed.  But mostly, I am growing more concerned about the possibility of much worse.  

So, relax, I hear.  I hear that there are lots of people with terrible allergies here in the "valley of death."  I also hear that sometimes MSers have a harder time getting over an allergic reaction.  I hear that I should relax and coast until I meet with the next doctor and have the next round of tests.  Sure, I can relax.  I just cant stop itching my ears.

Now, I realize that I started this rant with the wonderful experience of running with two great ladies earlier today.  That is where I need to focus, too, because something important happened then.  Stephanie reminded me that I am okay.  It was subtle and simple and exactly perfect.  She went on to talk about how difficult our first 9 mile (ever) run was for both of us.  It was too.  She reminded me that we had committed to making it to Autzen Bridge before we would allow ourselves a walking break.  Now, 9 miles is still quite a distance, but I know I can do that with much mroe ease that I once did...and here I am now contemplating my first 30 miles.

It's great to have a running friend whom you have been running with for a while.  It is a good reminder of how far I have come in such a short amount of time.  I am grateful to have this experience with Steph.  Thank god that she helps to keep my wandering thoughts focused on what's real when it really counts.  And thank god that she also helps to distract me when the miles get long and tedious.  

So, these interim training runs have been important for more than just keeping up my base.  I am also keeping up my spirits through camaraderie and team building.  My advise for the day is go out for a run with a few of your long-term running buddies and talk about the early days when mileage was lower and efforts were greater.  Hopefully you'll see what I mean.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Is In Full Swing

Well, I have some good news and I have some great news!
The good news is that another article about me has hit the internets.  Here is the link where you can read it (and special thanks to Ashley Graves for seeking me out and writing me up!)

Now, the even better news is that I have met with the new neurologist and he reviewed my history declaring an MRI unnecessary in 2015!  Imagine that?!  Me and my MS, diagnosed nearly 10 years ago, not having to lie in the tube for an entire year! I cannot tell you how happy I feel because I am still coming to terms with it.

Of course, I attribute my running to my healthy condition.  So, I have another full marathon on the horizon.  In May, I will run another full marathon here in Eugene.  No, I am not trying to break any of my PRs or set any other goals.  I am just trying to live healthy.  In the late summer, I am thinking about doing my first ultra.  This is a trail run so it will be extra-ultra for me.  30 Miles on the McKenzie trail, a beautiful river stretch here in our locals part of the Cascades.  We will have to see about that because the race is a lottery-in type.
Speaking of trail running, since I last updated my blog, I ran the Silver Falls Half Marathon.  I goofed off for much of the run, joking that I was going for my PW (Personal Worst).  I ran it with my good friend Stephanie Gray and we took lots of selfies and had a great time.  This is no surprise, as I usually have a good time running with Steph.  Also, it was a beautiful run.  Well, all except the last mile, which was sort of like running on a slip-n-slide covered in cake batter.

Well, that’s about all for now.   I needed to break the 2015 ice on the blog and so I write this super quick.  Stay tuned for more about the run and the MS.  I might have been given a year to relax a bit, but that doesn’t mean resting on my laurels.
On the Horizon:
McKenzie River Half, March 22
Eugene Marathon, May 10
Portland Marathon, October 4