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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Training Begins Again

Today marked the official beginning of my training for The Oregon Marathon later this summer, on September 13.  I ran this morning's moderate distance with Joe's Team.  We are currently in third place for the most enrolled runners for the teams signing up for the marathon and it is already starting to feel electric! 

After only two very slow and short runs since Newport, I paced fast today at 10:01 for seven miles.  I guess I was excited to be out, feeling strong again, running in cool conditions with proper shoes.  I am happy to once again participate with this group.  They have become my running family.

Something I have been thinking about with cooler conditions is that I am not the only one who suffers when the temperatures rise.  In fact, heat is a common complaint with my teammates and with other runners I know.  This got me to thinking that maybe I don't suffer from heat depletion because of my MS.  It stands to reason that if so many others also slow down as the morning heats up then maybe it's just another thing, like correct shoe size and even pacing.  I can let up on myself with the MS issues and just take it in stride with my fellow runners.  This does not mean that I would subject myself to unnecessarily high temps just to test my theory (i.e., you wont see me signing up for The Badwater anytime soon--or ever) but I think I can rule out MS as the culprit in my heat issues, at least for now.

That said, I am entering into this training session with a new attitude.  I am willing to let the MS just be another thing that exists in my life but that does not hinder my abilities and capabilities.  I am allowing myself to be just another runner--a runner among runners.

Here is the plan for the week:
Sunday, Prost 8K
Monday, rest
Tuesday, 3 miles
Wednesday, 5 miles
Thursday, 4 mile trail run
Friday, 7 miles and Yoga
Saturday, Biking and Yoga (maybe)
Sunday, Joe's Team 8 miles

If you want to read other blogs by runners also training for The Oregon Marathon, click this link:

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If you want more info on Joe's Team, check out the Facebook page here: Joe's Team

Here's our team picture from Newport, taken by legend Michael Lebowitz of the LongRun Picture Company:
That's me in the front, second from the right just next to Jeanine Miller. 

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