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Friday, November 8, 2013

Think First Before You Speak

Here are some things that people should think about before saying them to someone with MS:

  • You don't look sick.
  • Do you think that has to do with your "condition?"
  • Can I catch it (or how did you catch it?)
  • Do you need to sit down?  You look tired. (Actually, I don't mind that one so much)
  • I have this great diet you should try.
  • You should exercise more.
  • It must be hard to tell if it's the MS or just your busy life.
  • Why would you take a medicine that makes you feel like that?
  • My uncle/sister/cousin-twice-removed died of MS.
  • The heat/cold doesn't seem to bother me.  Just get a fan/space heater.
  • Seriously, if you're not on this exercise program, you could get worse.
  • Cut out the gluten.
  • Take this vitamin/meditation program/drug.
  • Yoga cures MS.

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