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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Up, Up and AWAY!

Looking at the schedule for the fall, I decided I would only complete two Half Marathons this year.  I was not prepared for the Coburg Half, due to my lack of training while in Arizona.  But after I started back up with my group, and with a little encouragement from long-time running companion Stephanie Grey, (not to mention my recent MS prognosis) I started looking at Half Runs on the trail circuit. 

Our goal was to get in on the ever-gaining-in-popularity Silver Falls Marathon and Half.  That sucker sold out in 10 minutes this morning!  So, we started looking at other options and found a great one!  The Sister's Happy Girl Half.  The race is also on November 2, so it's KISMET!  After registering, I looked at the course (I know, I know...not the other way around).  Their website boasts the trail is "express."  By that they mean [the] "... half marathon is an express race, meaning that participants enjoy a mostly downhill course and speedy running times."  Also, it's all girls, which I find super empowering! 

Here's the logo:
So, here we go!!  Women's Half in Eugene August 25th, Sisters Happy Girl Trail Half Marathon on November 2, and EWEB's Run To Stay Warm on November 24.  By the way, registration is open for all of these runs so get on it!

Now, about that prognosis that goes without mention, I think I'll mention something of it.  As my readers know, my MS was (mostly) the inspiring factor in my distance running.  The prognosis from Doc. L. is only good.  In fact, there is a chance that the new lesions that showed up in last year's scan might only be the result of a better scan, and that they may have been there from the first scan.  This year I want back to the old-school MRI (in the tube not the pancake) and they showed evidence of scarring in my brain that looked very similar to scarring that showed up 8 years ago, also in the old-school style MRI machine.  Doc. L. said this could likely mean that the lesions that showed up last year have actually been there all along and we just seemed to catch them at a visible angle.  Weird, hu?  Well, considering that I have been very fortunate in my exacerbation history, I think that this is SUPER good news.  In fact, it is such good news that I celebrated with a run!

More good news on the physical front, I ran a nice 4.15 mile run with Carla DeShaw the other day.  We chatted and paced moderate to slow.  When I finished the run, I felt like I could do it all over again.  In fact, I ran another 3 miles with Stephanie that same evening (not as strong but mostly because it was HOT!)

My point is, I'm back!  Not just in Oregon and not just in my running shoes.  I'm back in the mind set that I can do this!  And I can, too.  This is what you have all been telling me.

Okay, now I gotta run.

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