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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pictures and Anti-Angst for March

Hi All!

I am now sick for the 4th time since the move to Arizona.  Yea, I know, right?  This time, I have strep.  I got it because I took my daughter to the pediatricians.  Thank god that I have a depleted immune system because I am really getting this illness thing dialed in (a little sarcastic). 

Well, being as this has really hampered my running, I thought I would plug the MS Walk in April. There's still lots of time to join the team and/or make a contribution.  I have also included some funny MS pictures and let you know why I think they're funny or something like that.

This first one is super hokey but I love it!  It's a little geeky, for those in the know.It also reminds me that March is Orange Month for MS awareness.  There is actually one week where we really focus on this (this year, March 11 - 17).  Last year, they lit up Niagra Falls orange during that week and Time Square went orange.  It was awesome.  But I digress.  Funny picture...

 This next one is my one of my favorites, especially because I do not drink.  I am, however, prone to stumbling and tripping and even often have a hard time running in a straight line when I am fatigued.
I love Ninjas and naturally ALL Ninjas will be wearing orange for March, the MS Awareness month.  Don't believe me?  Just try spotting one.  I'll warn you, though.  They are usually too fast to see!

I dont think this one needs any introduction.  I let my daily walk do my talking.

And finally, I love this so much because it is true.  Wait, what was I blogging about?  I have to scroll to the top here to find out why I started this page...

Oh yea!  I was going to plug the MS Walk team in April.  Here's the link if you want to join us.  Basically, we are going to be like one big mobile party (hopefully including some type of silly costume) making noise and celebrating life and mobility.  If you can be there for the walk, awesome.  If you cant, but you still want to contribute, we would love to have your dollars.  Did you know that even a few dollars helps to fund medicine for people who cant afford it or to advance medical research for the newest drugs, the ones that hopefully wont make us sick like the old drugs (the ones that suck so bad and even kill people with MS--I'm not naming any names, Tysabri!)  Anyway, here is the link to our team.  I will be back to runnining (hopefully) next week and will have lots of info for those of you who are running with MS.  Promise.

Never give up!


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