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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Back In The Saddle Again

It's been a long December (allusion intended).  This month I suffered one of the worst illnesses I have had since being diagnosed with MS.  It was a sneaky virus that I barely detected until I had a full blown sinus infection (we're talking skull splitting pain, vertigo, dizziness to the point of falling into my closet doors).  This came during my daughter's illness. She had the worst of it.  She got sick on December 2 and just recovered a few days ago; fever, pneumonia, hives (poor thing).  Thankfully, everyone is healthy today--it's Christmas. 

I am not sure I need to spell out how many times I have been running this month.  I cannot actually count any running at all these last 2 weeks.  Though, I have missed it greatly.  It was not for a lack of want.  We had some of the best December weather we can ever hope for in the Pacific Northwest and I was either confined to a couch, or else trying to stay healthy enough just to get through each work day. 

Now, I am at the end of my anti-biotics and we are at the end of the holiday arrangements and festivities.  Tomorrow is my day.

I guess I am a bit nervous.  I feel a little like I do before a 5K race, a bit out of sorts, but full of anticipation and hope.  I am getting my gear set out like I need to be prepared in advance (in many ways, I do).  I do not expect to do an epic run tomorrow, but I am still excited that I get to go out and feel my legs beneath me.  This is a sensation that I have come to love and have really missed these last week.  This is a sensation I hope to experience for many years to come.

That said, in about 1 week we start our training again with Joe Henderson's group.  Most are gearing up for the Eugene Marathon, either the half or the full.  This will be my second full marathon now and it will be my first here at home, though I did the half here last year (see earlier entries).  My dad might come for the event.  It is the day before his birthday, and it would be a cool birthday gift to give him my medal.  Ah, all such divine thoughts!

For right now, I am content to go out and cruise the neighborhood.  It is so good to have this as an option.  I cannot wait to feel my legs working in that way once again.