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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What's The Least Of My Worries?

The hotel.

So, I made my reservations for the Portland Marathon weekend months ago.  In fact, my reservation was made in May and I have since then had a printed confirmation and maps to the hotel with directions.  I actually carried these papers with me for a few weeks because I was afraid I would misplace them.  This is my first marathon so I picked a hotel  within walking distance of the start; I did this deliberately.

Today I received a phone call from the travel agent, and also an email from him saying that there was a problem with my reservation.  I called him back immediately, but got voice mail so I left a message.  I finally heard back from the man saying that my hotel has oversold and that they can accommodate me for Friday night but not for Saturday night.  He has said they can move me to another hotel across town for Saturday night, over 3 miles away. 

Part of the reason why I wanted to stay so close was because I have six-year-old twin daughters who are coming along to support me. Arranging logistics between my husband and my daughters to support me while staying offsite are daunting at best. Especially considering the fact that spectators can't get within a few blocks of the start, it is very important to me that my family be there to support me. 

So, is it my fitness level?  My carbs? My stamina? ...training? ...psyche? ...the weather? ...my passion? ...sprained ankle? ...shoes? ...shotblocks?  ...multiple sclerosis?  ...acceptance?  No.

All of the downtown hotels are booked.

So, I had this idyllic 'marathon morning' image in my mind where I would get up early, dress in the dark so I would not disturb my slumbering family.  Then I would make my way out of the hotel and up 4th a few blocks to the start, find my corral in the dark and settle in to my warm up.  By the time I got to mile 4, my children and husband would be up and out along the course waving and cheering.  The girls might still be in their footie PJs.

Now, I need to go back to my old stand-bys, those paired up actions that have worked longer and more effectively for me than running and hydration:  Prayer and Action.

Yes,  lets try the old stand-bys now.  I've got no hotel for Saturday night so I guess I have nothing to lose.  I should have a little prayer now, followed by some action.  But what should I pray for, if not for selfish things?  How about acceptance?

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