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Monday, October 10, 2011

Everything is Okay. Everything is Just Fine.

When was the last time I felt just like that?  That feeling that it would all be okay?  Maybe not perfect or sublime, but good enough to make me smile, even if I was in a little pain.

Here are the facts about this weekend:

Fact: I had a amazing first marathon experience

Fact: My husband David Vazquez, along with my dear friend Judy Hinson got the hotel situation all worked out! (Thanks so much!!)

Fact: I ran a 4:49:27 when just a few days ago I was not even sure I would run under a 5:00:00

Fact: I still have MS

Fact: A giant T-shaped pancake does take three spatulas to flip, and even so still might not stay in one piece (Kami and Travis Richardson, witness and testify!)

Fact: Only about 0.1% of all Americans have ever run a marathon

Fact: I will capture my entire experience in writing and tell all soon . . .

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